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The “Woensdretch” scenery shows the default CFS airfield with the enlargement and upgrading developed during German occupation in the Second World War, and attempt to be approximated to the reality showing the airport like it (may) have looked like in WWII days. Also, I have included the Fokker maintenance facilities (located at south west of airforce base), the Bergen’s channel system, and the nearby airstrips Midden-Zeeland and Seppe. After the occupation of the Netherlands by Germany in 1940, the Luftwaffe started using the field, significantly expanding and upgrading the base with a asphalt runway. (I don’t 100% sure of this, but it is seen better than the empty CFS/default Woensdretch). This scenery places asphalt Runway, not showed on the default CFS scenery, NDB beacon antenna, buildings, fields, trees, ground vehicles, static planes, searchlights and more to the default CFS scenery of Woensdretch, Midden-Zeeland and Seppe. The default CFS scenery supply the AFD menu entry for Woensdretch (now the ramp), but you can start from new asphalt runway choosing Woensdrecht Rwy7 on the menu entry. You need have installed the CFSAIRP.ZIP of Pieter van Wyk, to capture the Woensdretch’s NDB frequency (272 khz) through the Bendix ADF. To see the dutch trucks, you need have installed the objects library of James Elwood, (included on this zip). Copy objlib.bgl file to main CFS/scenery folder.

Edmundo Abad
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