FW 190A-4/JG51

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FW 190A-4/JG51

This aircraft was designed as the replacement for the BF 109. After correcting many of the mistakes of the V0-V3 versions this aircraft was fitted with the BMW 801C. The 801C was upgraded with a two stage automatic supercharger and Methanol-water injections. This significantly enhanced what was already a versatile airframe. The added horsepower made possible the addition of 4 20 mm cannons and the loading of 50kg/250kg/500kg bombs and rockets. Originally intended as a high altitude interceptor it fell short of this goal until later developments, but in July ’42 this version left the assembly line ready to fulfill a variety of duties and quickly proved itself as a fearsome weapon. Its top speed below 10,000 feet, and its high climb rate made it a viscious dogfighter, its heavy armaments made it a cruel ground attack weapon.

vincent farnham
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