Integrated Standby Flight Display for Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panel

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Integrated Standby Flight Display for Saitek Pro Flight Instrument Panel

This file was deleted by my mistake.This is the original version and it is not replaced by version 2 which provides space for buttons text. Integrated Standby Flight Display (ISFD) is a new glass standby gauge that was introduced with the B737 NG, it is equiped with an internal battery that allows 3 hours of operation without external power. Now all new commercial liners are fitted with such gauge. The gauge provides indicated air speed, altitude, heading, aircraft attitude and QNH. When in range of an ILS the ILS bars appear. When the autopilot mode approach is selected the text APP in green colour appears. As far as I know it is not possible to shift the QNH value from Inch of Hg to Hpa (millibar) in a FIP because the shifting function calls for internal variable like L:xxxxxx that can’t be used in a FIP xml program. To solve partially this problem I propose three versions, one with the QNH both in InHg and Hpa (ISFD.xml), one with the QNH in InHg only (ISFD_InHg.xml) and one with the QNH in Hpa only (ISFD_HPA.xml).

Philippe Verhaege
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