F-14 Sounds (Fixed)

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F-14 Sounds (Fixed)

Let’s try this again….This is a soundfile for any freeware F-14. I wasn’t happy with the stock sounds that came with the IRIS F-14. They were not realistic enough for me. So, I made a mix of various bites from different aircraft to make what I think is one of the best soundtracks to any F-14 Tomcat freeware. I just took some clips from various sound files I had with different aircraft (starting with the F-14 soundpack that came with the IRIS F-14). I think you will enjoy this mix. I left the shreak of the intake ramps at idle, but as the engines spool up- in real life- the shreak is replaced with the whine of the Pratts going through the rpm range until they hit military power. I changed the rumble so it is heard at the lower end of the mid-range, as in real life. When you push the throttles into afterburner, you can hear the power that these engines make. Enjoy and happy landings. NOTE: I do not take any credit for any of the sound files in this folder, I just took freeware sounds from different aircraft and compiled them!

Kelly McKernan
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