The Generic Heavy Twinjet Soundpack for FSX

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The Generic Heavy Twinjet Soundpack for FSX

This soundpack includes a lot of audio recorded with TrueSound technology from Horizon Productions SFL on YouTube! If you didn’t already know, Horizon offers the ONLY aviation videos in the world with 100% real sound! I made this soundpack because I was sick of trying to get each engine to sound right… The soundpacks I download never seem to represent the Trent 700, or the CF6, or the PW4000 like they sound in real life. So I decided to make one generic but realistic soundpack that would cover for all heavy airliners. It’s like a mixture of everything! Now your engines will idle like a Pratt & Whitney, scream like a General Electric, and growl like a Rolls-Royce! Enjoy! Made by Brandon Joseph Ghany (Brandon G.)

Brandon Ghany
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