McDonnell-Douglas MD-8X Pratt & Whitney JT8D-217 Soundpack for FS9/FSX

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McDonnell-Douglas MD-8X Pratt & Whitney JT8D-217 Soundpack for FS9/FSX

This sound is intended for use on Eric Cantu’s models only! They will not work properly on any other model (I will be making updates to make the sounds work on other models eventually). I am proud to present to you the most realistic and detailed MD-8X Pratt & Whitney JT8D-217 turbofan soundpack for FS2004, that was ever made! I have put ALOT of time and effort into this work, and it is perhaps my most detailed and realistic sounding soundset to date! It features all the usual features that come with my sounds, such as the realistic engine spool up, and other stuff… There are 3 versions included in this package: – (Default) Rear Passenger Cabin Perspective – Cockpit Perspective – Cockpit Perspective (for Lonny Payne’s Flightdeck: MD-80 Panel only) There are instructions provided in the sound folder on how to switch the sound.cfgs to the version you want. I am sure that if you are a frequent MD-80 Flyer, or if you’re a pilot or flight crew onboard an MD-80 aircraft that you’ll pretty impressed by these sounds. But if you don’t like these sounds, just simply delete the file and try another soundpack. But you should try this one first, it’s absolutely worth it! I doubt anyone will be deleting these sounds after hearing them…

Adam Murphy
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