ISS Fleet V4.5 for Orbiter 2010

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ISS Fleet V4.5 for Orbiter 2010

These are models of the International Space Station (“Alpha”) at various stages from the start of construction in 1998 (STS-88 / SSAF 2A) through the present and into future stages, the last being 20A scheduled for 2010. This meshes are an adaptation of Andrew Farnaby’s ISS models. I have rotated the meshes to allow the default Orbiter autopilot the ability to hold the station in an LVLH attitude for shuttle dockings and provided dll modules for each of the various models. Docking target crosses have been added for use with the shuttle fleet centerline camera view on PMA2 and on the aft end of Zvezda (service module) for Progress and Soyuz dockings using the Progress and Soyuz models that come with this package. The Soyuz and Progress models have been visually upgraded to models that have been previously made available by Jason Benson (“agent036”) and Jogvan Trondese (“c3po”). The models progressively allow the user to control solar arrays and radiators as they are deployed. The later models include the Mobile Transporter (MT) and the MBS attached to it to move the SSRMS along the truss segment. Thanks to David Sundstrom (“DaveS”) for the mesh and textures for the MBS. The SSRMS is a separate model, released with this package. That model has a separate manual for use. Additional credits to those who’s add-ons I used in this pack: Progress & Soyuz launch vehicles, McDope (“Dealer McDope”). These models have been recompiled for use with Orbiter 2010.

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