Douglas C-47 Skytrain Aircraft

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Douglas C-47 Skytrain Aircraft

Whenever we get a new piece of aircraft freeware for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 submitted by a creator, my eyes light up with excitement! It’s like opening a birthday present every time. Today’s plane, when I loaded it up certainly had that same feeling. The C-47 Skytrain is an old plane that was used extensively by the Allied Forces during WW2, for various purposes – but primarily as a military transport aircraft. And now thanks to Treyeastland, you can fly it in all its glory in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

How to Install this Plane

  • Simply download the zip/rar and extract it to the community folder.
    • Make sure you install in the following format: /community/addon_folder/addon_files, and not /community/addon_folder/addon_folder/addon_files
  • Alternatively you can use ModManFX

Finding the community folder:

  • If you have installed the MSFS contents in a custom folder, go in to that folder, and simply drag and drop the folder “aw-airport-ensd-anda” into your Microsoft Flight Simulator “Community” folder
  • If you have bought it from the Microsoft Store Go to %localappdata% (search using windows search), then go to Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_RANDOMLETTERS\LocalCache\Packages\ and place “aw-airport-ensd-anda” into the Community folder
  • If you have the game through Gamepass Go to %localappdata% (search using windows search), then go to Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_RANDOMLETTERS\LocalCache\Packages\ and place “aw-airport-ensd-anda” into the Community folder
  • If you bought the game on Steam… Go to %appdata% (search using windows search), then Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\ and place “aw-airport-ensd-anda” into the Community folder
    • Alternate Steam Method (If Above Does Not Work)… Go to %localappdata% (search using windows search), then got to Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_RANDOMLETTERS\LocalCache\Packages\ and place “aw-airport-ensd-anda” into the Community folder
    • Alternate Steam Method (If Above Does Not Work)… Go to YOUR_STEAM_LOCATION\steamapps\common\ and place “aw-airport-ensd-anda” into the Community folder

Credits: Manfred Jahn
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34 Responses

  1. I cannot download from here. I receive warning.

  2. Balsafer says:

    Hi i downloaded the plane flew it for a bit great plane a few issues though there seems to be a sound loop when raising landing gear and lowering it also after sometime engine sound cut out

    • Igrok-kun says:

      Any solution to this? This loop sound is really annoying. How to contact the author of the convert?

    • Igrok kun says:

      Any solution for the loop after gears up? Really annoying after 20 minutes of flight. Also, it’s impossible to fly during night time because there are no lights in the cockpit work.

      For the guys who have troubles with engines: just watch temperatures, C-47 has delicate engines.

  3. Balsafer says:

    update closing left window while air born causes game to crash

  4. AlberT says:

    it crashes the game all the time, tail rudder can not be unlocked… looks amazing!

  5. kitsunelegend says:

    Game crash when using ctrl+E to auto start engine. Engine will also randomly turn off without warning. No 3rd person throttle and speed UI, and the interior camera feels way too close to the windshield making it impossible to read any of the gauges.

  6. Alexander says:

    for some reason when you scroll the mouse wheel to zoom the camera it doesnt change the camera zoom BUT it does change the altimiter calibration.

  7. Craig says:

    Flew for less than 5 mins and then the engine cuts out and the game crashed back to desktop

  8. Luca says:

    Thank you for this wonderful bird. I was missing the old props so much. Can we expect even the Super Connie one day?

  9. Zed says:

    1 BEAUTIFUL AIRCRAFT AND THE FACT YOU ADDED SO MANY SKINS! Thank you for this, virtually flying it in Northern Manitoba right now where a few of these workhorses still exist! Been flying for almost two hours, no glitches at all.

  10. Johnny says:

    I’m trying to install this but the instructions say to add “aw-airport-ensd-anda” to my install folder but I cannot find any file titled that in my DC-3 download. Anyone have any advice?

  11. Blair says:

    Also getting the looped audio glitch after gear up. Hopefully there can be a patch

  12. Balsafer says:

    Anyone with modding knowledge able to fix this plane?

  13. Warfrog says:

    Hi all the C47 will work as it should by using Legacy model. Under general setting then flight model set it to legacy. At least for me it fixed the Engine randomly turn off without warning and crashing the sim, Landing gear not going up.

    Thank you for the aircraft and skins, The Douglas C-47 Skytrain Aircraft is now my favorite.

  14. matt says:

    why is the flight time of this thing set to like 1 minute? engine keeps shutting off for no good reason.

  15. Conjola 31 says:

    Fantastic DC3 , Mine works flawlessly.

    Any chance of a helicopter and a tiger moth?”

  16. Balsafer says:

    open cowl flaps all the way engines still die

    • garrittpwl says:

      You can’t run this engine wide open, cruise your Manifold pressure at 30-35
      Run your prop RPM at 2500 for climb and 2000-2100 for cruise

  17. Peter says:

    This mod looks amazing, but it crashes my game the moment I click fly after I set up my flight and it loads. Anything I can try to remedy this? Also, if there’s anything else you need–logs etc, let me know.

  18. conjola 31 says:

    Worked fine until last start.
    Now it loads to FLY NOW with the cam right up against the screen and crashes game out when FLY NOW is clicked.

  19. bill13a says:

    And so am I!

  20. Tom says:

    Please upload fixed version.

  21. Lukas says:

    No, don’t – don’t “fix” what’s known to be an unauthorized version!

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