Altisurface Notre Dame de la Salette LF3826 (LFPS) v1.0

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Altisurface Notre Dame de la Salette LF3826 (LFPS) v1.0

Altisurface Notre Dame de la Salette LF3826 (LFPS in MSFS)

My first release for MSFS which began with the aim to improve LF3826 and actually make it usable! One landing strip and two takeoff strips are now available. This isn’t intended to be a like for like match with the real life strip so I’ve added a “ramp” with parking for two aircraft and a few other features and objects to make the user experience a bit more fun.

Please see the included PDF and image to understand the takeoff/landing procedures (there are also videos on youtube). Runway 19 is used for landing and there is a choice of 21 or 24 for takeoff.

Please let me know if you find any bugs, otherwise happy flying!

Current version: 1.0 (16/10/20)

Currently known issue (SDK): Pushback/ground crew will sometimes spawn at the parking spaces. I’m currently looking into removing these as they aren’t necessary and not exactly realistic on the side of a mountain..

Credits: GibSim
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3 Responses

  1. Tom Koenen says:

    I only see the windsock. Nothing else, no runway numbers. So landing is difficult, for you cannot see the “threshold”. Perhaps marking the runways with short grass?

  2. Tom Koenen says:

    Update: I discovered, that I still had “Notre Dame de la Salete – LFPS” installed and not deleted it. And when that was deleted, “Altisurface Notre Dame de la Salete LF3826 (LFPS) v 1.0” did only show the default scenery !! So, something went wrong.

  3. Tom Koenen says:

    Update 2: Problem solved: seemed I had installed the map with the file I should have installed. So, corrected that and now all is present and correct. Only landing now is extremely difficult when following advise and use runway 16. Despite following the advises in the PDF-file….. Have some more practising to do.

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