YSBK Bankstown Airport – Fixes & Upgrade v1.0

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YSBK Bankstown Airport – Fixes & Upgrade v1.0

YSBK is an iconic airport in the greater Sydney area and Asobo has done a fantastisk job. However, things can always improve. I have udgraded the airport and changed it to more accurately reflect the actual layout. It is a WIP and a learning exercise for me, but the changes are already quite noticable.

To install simply extract and copy the ken-ysbk folder to your Community folder.

YSBK is well known to Sydneysider pilots and many have done their training there (including myself). YSBK offers great variety as it is located in a tighly controlled area due to the vicinity of YSSY, and budding pilots soon learn the awesome challenge of dealing with 3 runways, quite formal ATC and occasional congestion. Due to the strict constraints the VFR clues are very important. I have added clues that make it easier to get it right (see below). 29L/11R is mainly used for circuits, 29R/11L for smaller aircraft and the center runway for the big guys.

These are some of the changes done so far:
New ortho map of the airport and surroundings.
Fixed taxiways and aprons and named them correctly.
Added objects including static planes, cones, gables, night lighting and a few custom runway markings.
Added a perimeter fence (partially).
Cleaned up the nearby golf courses.
Upgraded 2RN ortho and added masts.
Added POIs for Prospect and 2RN for inital practise. These are the approach points for YSBK.
New ortho for Warwick Farm (used for approach).
Upgraded the Velodrome including ortho (used for approach).
Upgraded Bankstown City Paceway (used for approach).
I have not added any custom buildings yet but simply used stock. YSBK is a lot of fun and I’ll continue to upgrade.

There is a lot of documentation on YSBK flight procedures online. For a fun time try this:
Start in a small plane (Cessna 152 or get the Warrior) at parking 54 (Hotel) early morning with the airport lights still on and the sun rising for great ambience.
Request 29R and taxi H C A A8 with a visit to the runup bay on A for added realism.
Take off from 29R climbing to 1,000ft (strictly enforced).
Stay at 1,000ft until you cross the trainline.
After the trainline turn into the training area and climb to max. 2,500ft heading west towards the Blue Mountains.
Do not cross the pipeline running from the Prospect reservoir to Warragamba dam. Stay on the southern side.
Turn back heading for 2RN and arrive at 1,500ft.
At 2RN call Bankstown Tower and request full stop. You are likely to be given 29C but ask for 29R (which is the norm).
Continue to Warwick Farm maintaining 1,500ft.
Continue straight with the runways on your right and look for the Velodrome.
Still at 1,500ft make turn downwind passing directly over the Velodrome.
You will be given clearance to land quite late, then descend to 1,000ft.
Make your normal right turns to base and final always descending at a constant rate. Don’t go much further east than the Paceway.
Land on 29R and exit the runway. Taxi back to Hotel (54) via A C and park between the two planes where you started.
I have done this many times over the years using that exact parking spot. Have fun.

GPS Coordinates: -33.922586, 150.988991

Credits: kenlarsen
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