Citation Livery Bundle v1.0

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Citation Livery Bundle v1.0

The texture selection is a bit random but it’s what I wanted at the time. Fly CEO’s of the Saudi Aramco Oil & Gas company or Generals and military personel of the Saudi Armed Forces to airports across the Gulf. Do the same in Australia and fly high ranking officers around the outback or maybe fly rich locals around the Carribean from island to island with islanderprivate™.

It includes
– Royal Australian Air Force livery
– Royal Saudi Air Force livery
– Fictional Saudi Aramco livery
– Fictional private “airline” which I named islanderprivate™

Known issues
– Aussie livery has a seam at the top/bottom due to the camo

I kept the folders seperate just incase you might only want one or two of the liveries. Up to you.
If you prefer to just install all of the textures. Drag and drop “fictionalLiveries-cj4” to your “Community” folder.

Credits: swurvin
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1 Response

  1. Joey Sorrisi says:

    These liveries all look awesome and would make welcome additions to my hanger. It seems like the CJ4 is a bit underrepresented compared to some of the other more popular planes. Yet for the life of me, I can NOT get the game to recognize the liveries. I also use the MSFS AddON Linker and although they appear on the list, this program does not recognize them properly either. Most liveries will have their listing name and a thumbnail. With yours, the name appears and instead of a thumbnail, you have two choices, model or texture. I have tried clicking one and not the other, clicking both, installing them in a group or one by one, both with the linker program and without and have had ZERO success, You did great work and I’d love to enjoy them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to email!

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