TBM 930 Orange Night

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TBM 930 Orange Night

A single livery for Daher TBM 930 with custom internal.

Just extract the .zip content inside you community folder “Gamefolder\Community\SimObjects\Airplane\Asobo_TBM930\

if you have other TBM930 livery installed, you MUST edit the layout.json and aircraft.cfg for merge my skin with yours.

first one is located inside the main “liveries-tbm930” folder in your community one, (game folder\community\liveries-tbm930\layout.json) you have to copy from my layout.json located in my archive with the same path, and paste a part of it.
you can easily found the part to copy because have this entry: “TEXTURE.OGN_KIRA”
this is one of it for example:

“path”: “SimObjects/Airplanes/Asobo_TBM930/TEXTURE.OGN_KIRA/TBM_930_AIRFRAME_PROP_BLUR_ALBD.PNG.DDS”,
“size”: 2796344,
“date”: 132400221067231317

Copy all (they are a bit) the voices as i do and paste a the bottom of your layout.json before the ” ] ” dont forget to make a backup and be careful about structure.
you DONT need to copy other voice in the json, just the one with “texture.ogn_kira” in their name.

aircraft.cfg is located inside the liveries folder at this path: Gamefolder\Community\SimObjects\Airplane\Asobo_TBM930\Aircraft.cfg
once you found the installed one, you have to navigate inside my archive following the same path and open my aircraft.cft, navigate until you found the section called [FLTSIM.4] and copy all untill the end.
Now, open your aircraft.cfg and paste the stuff at the end of it, almost done.
Last thing is edit the number of [FLTSIM.4] because if you have other liveries installed it can be bigger, check the last [FLTSIM.] before the one you paste and modify my one with relative number.
easiest: if you last [FLTSIM.] before my one is [FLTSIM.13] – then you have to modify my one into [FLTSIM.14]
as layout.json, be careful to mantain the original structure of the file with the right paragraph, spacing, etc.

Last step is to put my texture folder with other liveries folder youve already installed, they are located exactly where the aircraft.cfg is located, copy paste the folder TEXTURE.OGN_KIRA from my archive inside your folder located in: “Gamefolder\Community\SimObjects\Airplane\Asobo_TBM930\

-Douring all the procedure, computer never ask to you to overwrite some file.

DONE! you have merged my skin inside your pack of TBM skins, This procedure can work with aaall the liveries in the game if you want to manually do it.

feel free to ask me if you need help!

Credits: Kira Mikamy
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