Combat Air Patrol 2 Addons / Mods

Are you interested in how a plane is navigated by a pilot? Satisfy your curiosity with Combat Air Patrol 2! It’s one of the most involving games ever – that’s why you cannot miss it. Just take a look at what Combat Air Patrol 2 Simulator offers and you will be amazed. The other great thing is that you are able to upgrade it with Combat Air Patrol 2 Mods whenever you want. We have collected one of the best Combat Air Patrol 2 Addons in our database. Why is it so important? Each Combat Air Patrol 2 Add on helps you solve particular issue and improve your scoring. All you need to do is simply try our Combat Air Patrol 2 Mods download free option and enjoy the game. It has never been that easy to create your own version of the game! Especially when Combat Air Patrol 2 Addons free files are available without any payments.

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P3D Replacement effects for AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic