Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Release Date

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Release Date

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020’s release date was first announced on July 13, 2020. According to Microsoft, the game jointly created by the Xbox Game Studios and Asobo studio – Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is set to release in August 2020. Flight nerds and game enthusiasts all around the world are already experiencing the joy of cruising the winds because the MSFS 2020 Release Date has already passed.

MSFS 2020 Release Date that was announced to be in August has been released for Microsoft Windows, 28 days after its announcement date. Aside from the PC version, the FS2020 Release Date for Xbox one is yet to be announced. But according to Microsoft, they are working on a version for their next-generation Series X console. So we can rest assured as the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Release Date for a console is going to be announced soon.

For people who are wondering, when will Flight Simulator 2020 be released on PS4? Well, unfortunately, like many other Microsoft exclusive games ‘MS Flight Simulator Release Date 2020 for PS4’ is a headline we are never going to see in our short gamer lifetime. To experience this extremely expansive game with over 20 different planes, you’ll have to buy a PC or the next-generation Xbox. Because it’s a game released by Microsoft to be played on things created by Microsoft.

It’s a marketing ploy that Sony has been using for a long time. Because just as Xbox players can never expect to play Ghost of Tsushima on their consoles, PS4 players should also stop dreaming about playing it on their pre-ordered PS5s. Microsoft Flight Simulator is released on PC but the Xbox version is yet to be announced. Follow our website because we will make sure to get you the latest Flight Simulator news whenever we get a whiff of it from Microsoft.

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