EGGP – Liverpool John Lennon Airport – Upgrade v1.0

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EGGP – Liverpool John Lennon Airport – Upgrade v1.0

This is a big ass rework of EGGP Liverpool airport.

Why Liverpool? Lots of people seem to want this and I also fancied doing somewhere prominent that looked ‘easy’. Funnily enough it turned out not to be.

Was it worth it? Only posterity can judge but this will live on long after I’m nothing more than a stain on my council bedsit floor that those folks in hazmat suits can’t scrub out.

Do you want fences? Of course you do. We got miles of them. Do you want car parks? If you do not then keep that to yourself. We’ve only sodding well got more than any airport I’ve plopped out so far. My one desire is to be sucked Tron-style into this so I can spend the rest of my days parking pixels.

Only been to Liverpool twice myself. Once for twenty minutes with a lass who only wanted to see the Cavern Club, the cabbie looked like he wanted to die when she said that, and to fly out to the Isle of Man for the TT as it was the only route that didn’t cost a million quid. A fine airport indeed.

All ground textures and markings have been stripped and replaced. Many buildings have been erased and replaced. Others have had better buildings rammed into their innards. The control tower is an, erm, unusual concoction but it is at least the correct height. The flying school up the end has been fleshed out. Loads of bits have been detailed.

I’ve tried to match reality wherever possible but obviously there are limitations with the standard buildings.

Since there is no yellow submarine available I have chosen to install an elephant driving a speed boat. Some may ask what that symbolises. This is for each of us to find out for ourselves.

For some reason many sites that I get to work on become heavily distorted when loaded in the editor and then loaded in the sim when done. Everything landside on this one had to be reflattened even though it’s flat as standard. It’s OK for me but if this mangles any parts of the airport for you let me know. I’ll be very sad if it does.

This is purely cosmetic at the moment. It seems this could use a new taxi system as many of the parking spaces are small general aviation ones when they certainly shouldn’t be. I will get around to this. For now my posterior requires some respite.

There’ll no doubt be some bits I missed and me custom ground markings broke so a fair few will be missing. They’re also all still mysteriously blocky. I’ll come back to this when refreshed in a few days to see if there are any howlers.

Credits: superspud
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