PCIS-Canton Airport, Phoenix Islands,Kiribati v1.0

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PCIS-Canton Airport, Phoenix Islands,Kiribati v1.0

PCIS-Canton Airport (Kanton) Phoenix Islands,Kiribati

Canton Airports historie started with the arrival of Pan Amerian World Airways in May 1939 to build a station for there Flying Boat, the Flying Clipper (B314) enroute to New Zealand.
WW2 stopped the civilian routes across the Pacific, but the US Navy built the airports as we know it of today, and Canton became an important strategic point in the region.
After the war Pan-Am resumed there operation, now with DC-4 aircrafts on a route Sydney-Auckland-Fiji-Canton-Honolulu-San Fransisco-Vancouver, and a full scale community grew up on
Canton Island with a hotel,school for the personels children, a medical dispensary, powerstation, postoffice aso.
The arrival of the long range Jets finally putted an end to the Cantons role as an important stopover and refueling station, and the community was slowly disintegrated. By the end of 1965 Pan-Am stopped there flights from the island, and thereafter it was only used by US Space and Missile activities. In 1976 the last English and US personel left the island.

Today Canton Lays silent and Uninhabited, but the airfield still serves as EMM field for Airliners passing the region.

For Your convinience i have maintained a refueling spot on the west side of the remains of the old Pan-Am building. Se also my other AD’s in the region, PLCH Cassidy Int./ PHFS-Tern Island,
PMDY-Henderson Field, San Island – Wake atoll./ PWAK-Wake Island
The scenery is created with MSFS SDK and stock objects only, just unzip and drop the pcis folder into Your MSFS community folder, and off Y go.

Hope You will enjoy a flight across the Pacific to Canton Island

GPS Coordinates: 2.7731545,-171.6788249

Credits: JP
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4 Responses

  1. I have done a lot of research for PCIS Canton Island Airport. Would like to give you guys many photos as it looked when in operation.

  2. Kyle says:

    I would love to sample your work – too bad all this site does is try to trick me into downloading viruses

  3. Kyle. my email: pekka_kauppi@yahoo.com I can send you many photos of Canton Island Airport PCIS We should get corrected version of this airport scenery. It’s long overdue..!!

  4. Kyle. This Canton Island Airport is not accurate at all. It must redone and I can supply many good references for it..

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