Static Boats 3D Model Library v1.2

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Static Boats 3D Model Library v1.2

Dunno about you, but I find the lack of interesting boats to look at very boring indeed.

This is a static boat library for anyone who fancies adding more boat choices to their projects to populate harbours etc. If you are a consumer your friendly developer will send you here to download this so you can see these boats.

This isn’t every type of boat, it’s mainly leisure boats and mainly the types that are missing in the standard object list. Sailing boats mainly.

These are not pretty. I’ve been extremely brutal in cutting out polygons and textures. They’re for populating areas rather than being works of art so if you zoom in expecting to be moved to tears you will more likely coat your screen in a fountain of vomit laced with plasma.

Each model has the tri count attached to the name so you can figure out whether you’re going bonkers or not, but most have LODs so the naming stays for old time’s sake.

All models start with – bsl – so you can find them in the object list. All models have invisible columns below them to increase visibility as quite a few are rather small.

What’s present

  • 6 kayaks in various colours
  • 6 zodiacs in various colours
  • 6 open RIBs in various colours
  • 3 RIBs with cabins in various colours
  • 2 passenger boats, one open, one closed.
  • 2 sailing boats, one catamaran, one normal, with the sails up. The rest are all sails down.
  • 1 large motor yacht.
  • 3 speed boats, a Riva, a penis extension and a ski boat
  • 1 open sport fishing boat
  • 2 small cabin boats
  • 6 narrowboats of varying colours
  • Plenty of sailing boats of various sizes with their sails down.

I didn’t make most of these, the majority are free models I’ve butchered.

Model credits – Valentina Canniello, urbanhighenergy, P.F., Piil60, hclakmal519, Giuseppe Spinelli, alask.

V 1.2
This gets rid of some textures so you’re better off completely deleting the old version.

Gives the models a further ravaging so they’re easier to run. Most now have one material only and smaller LODs. Adds a few new models and colour variations. Mainly sailboats. Adds a small amount of night lighting so marinas look more realistic.

Credits: superspud
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