FS2004 Software Development Kits (SDK) Multi-pack

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FS2004 Software Development Kits (SDK) Multi-pack

This file contains all of the Software Development Kits released years ago by Microsoft for Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight (FS9). These were released for developers and enthusiasts who want to customize and create add-ons for FS9. Included are: 1. Autogen SDK – autogen_sdk_setup.exe (5.4MB); 2. Netpipes SDK – netpipes_sdk_setup.exe (545KB); 3. Terrain SDK – terrain_sdk_setup.exe (11MB); 4. Weather Themes SDK – weather_theme_sdk_setup.exe ( 3.7MB); 5. Panels and Gauges SDK – panels_sdk_setup.exe (1.6MB); 6. Traffic Toolbox SDK – traffictoolbox_sdk_setup.exe (1.5MB); 7. ABL – fs2004_sdk_abl_setup.exe (611KB); 8. Aircraft Container SDK – fs2004_sdk_aircraft_container_setup.exe (609KB); 9. ATC Voicepack SDK – fs2004_sdk_atc_voicepack_setup.exe (17.9MB); 10. FSEdit SDK – fs2004_sdk_fsedit_setup.exe (1.3MB); [also inclued is a version for Japanese FS9 Users: fs2004_sdk_fsedit_japan_setup.exe (1.1MB)]; 11. Multiplayer and Flight Instructor SDK – fs2004_sdk_multiplayer_setup.exe (524KB); 12. Make Model SDK – makemdl_sdk_setup.exe (1.1MB); 13. BGLComp SDK – fs2004_sdk_bglcomp2_setup.exe (857KB); 14. gmax Gamepack SDK – fs2004_sdk_gmax_setup.exe (15.5MB); 15. Special Effects SDK – fs2004_sdk_special_effects_setup.exe (693KB); 16. Cabdir SDK – cabdir_sdk_setup.exe (559KB). Although portions of the SDK may prove useful to Flight Simulator enthusiasts with little or no programming experience, keep in mind that many parts of the SDK assume familiarity with XML, the C programming language, and game development.

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