FS2004 Douglas DC-3 Four Fuel Tank Automixture Gauge

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FS2004 Douglas DC-3 Four Fuel Tank Automixture Gauge

FS2004 Douglas DC-3 Four Fuel Tank Automixture Gauge For four-tank operation, this gauge may be of interest to those pilots who like to fly without checking the “Enable automixture” function in the “Aircraft/Realism Settings” pull-down menu, but want more DC-3 realism than can be achieved with FS2004’s simulation of mixture control. It requires prior installation of Beaumont and Bitzer’s Douglas DC-3 Four Fuel Tank Conversion Kit, to be found in DC3_4TK.ZIP. Its purpose is to replicate the auto-rich and auto-lean settings on the mixture controls, including a fully functional mixture control. Its calibrated range of operation is from 3000 to 12000ft. density altitude. In the auto-rich position, it approximates the checked “Enable automixture” setting on the “Aircraft/Realism Settings” menu. In the auto-lean position, the mixture is leaned to increase the exhaust gas temperature about 30 degrees K. from auto-rich, and will increase achieved miles per gallon. By Dave Bitzer and Mark Beaumont. File name: DCA_4MX.ZIP. 502K

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