Lockheed Constellation R-3350 sounds

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Lockheed Constellation R-3350 sounds

This is a replacement sound file for the R-3350 engines in any Constellation. I just compiled what I had and here it is. I did make every engine an individual, so at start-up and run-ups, you can control each engine independantly from the other three. I went as far as trying to be as acurate as I could with the interior sound levels. At idle the cabin is pretty quiet, but on take off when the props are at full pitch, it does get pretty loud. Once you’re at altitude and you lean out the engines and feather the props back to cruise settings, it quiets back down to a respectible level. Compare the sounds to any youtube video of a Lockheed Constellation (inside and out)and you’ll find that this is pretty spot-on. This is freeware so, you know the rest. Enjoy and happy landings.

Kelly McKernan
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