Soviet Space Shuttle Buran V4.8 Release 3

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Soviet Space Shuttle Buran V4.8 Release 3

Soviet Space Shuttle Buran, Version V4.8.1 on January 16, 2012. This model utilizes meshes and textures recently updated by Don Gallagher (“Donamy”). This version is essentially a Shuttle Fleet V4.8 vehicle, modified in several places. This package uses a Multistage2 (included along with BrianJ’s updated stage.dll) Energia launch vehicle. Because of the changes to the fleet vehicle, this model required its own version of the GPCMFD (“BGPCMFD.dll, included) and the payload bay lights (“BPBLights.dll”, also included). The included scenarios have two scenarios that utilize the latest New Mir release: Three runway bases are included, Baikonur, Khorol in the far East (a contingency abort landing site) and Simferopol (the western contingency abort landing site). The BGPCMFD uses a separate landing site table file which has these three landing sites as the first three landing site choices. To use these bases, a model of the Buran Analogue which had its own jet engines is also included in order to practice approach and landing. The majority of features and key controls are identical to the Shuttle Fleet V4.8 and the manual for the add-on should be referenced. The one major key difference is using “CTRL+J” which will extend / retract the docking system tunnel. The tunnel should be extended prior to docking (the docking port is offset accordingly as is the docking port view). The latest versions of RPOP and Universal Pointing MFDs are included in case you install this package and do not have Shuttle Fleet V4.8 already installed. Please test this package on a “clean” installation with only Orbitersound, UMMU 2.0, the latest Mir package and Shuttle Fleet V4.8 only.

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