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Working Visible Copilots

This mod adds visible co-pilots (and optionally pilots too) to the cockpit view. All cockpit buttons, windshield effects etc will still work. The cockpits remain just as detailed as before. The co-pilots are the same animated ones you see in the external view.

Working Visible Co-Pilots in Cockpit View
No more feeling like a floating, very lonely ghost! Populate your cockpit with an animated co-pilot to keep you company on those long (and short) flights! Optionally you can add a pilot to the cockpit too, so you don’t feel like a disembodied spirit pilot!

How Does it Work?
This mod works by copying the existing co-pilots (and optionally pilots) which are visible in the external views, and placing them into the cockpit view. I have done this by copying the pilot and co-pilot nodes from the external view cockpit model into the internal view cockpit model. This means that there should be no loss of functionality in any buttons, nor degradation of graphical detail as nothing about the cockpit is being changed (no LOD change). The pilot model nodes are just being added to what is already there.

Can I Change The Co-Pilot/Pilot’s Appearance?
Absolutely! Just like in the external views the Co-Pilot and Pilot models can be changed by going into the menu (options/general/misc) and selecting from the 24 available pilot avatars.

As usual, extract the included files into your /community folder.

If you have ANY base aircraft mods then this mod MUST be loaded AFTER them or it won’t work. For this reason I have appended the folders with the letter z as the mods load in alphabetical order. If the co-pilots don’t appear, please ensure you are loading this mod LAST.

The main file will ONLY show the Co-Pilot (First Officer) inside the cockpit.

There is an optional file which will show BOTH the pilot and co-pilot HOWEVER, this will cause clipping with the camera and the pilots head. You can just move your camera forward a bit to avoid this, but it is your choice.

Which Planes Does it Support?
This mod works for all multi-seat planes in the BASE sim. Unfortunately the aircraft included in the deluxe and premium-deluxe editions are DRM protected and I cannot get access to edit their cockpits.

A320NX Mod:
Currently I believe this is working well with the latest developer build of the A32NX mod by FlyByWire. If they update or change anything in the ‘A320_NEO_INTERIOR_LOD00.gltf’ file then it may cause a conflict to arise between the mods. If this happens please let me know and I will try to update this mod with a fix.

WorkingTitle Garmin Mods:
I am not certain if there will be any issues here as I haven’t had time to check yet. I don’t think there will be however, as they modify different files. Again, please post in the bug section if you find anything.

Bugs and Issues:
Currently the DA40 is having weird issues so I have removed it from the mod for now, until I can investigate further. The XCub does not have a passenger even in external views so I couldn’t add them to the internal view either, therefore the Xcub is ONLY in the pilot mod. In the Robin Cadet the pilot and co-pilot seem to be linked, therefore, you can have either both, or none. I have left it in the copilot only mod but if you are getting annoyed by the pilot then just delete it.

I haven’t really tested this much so it is uploaded as a beta version currently. Please report any bugs in the bug section and I will take a look at them.

I have no idea how much this affects performance as I haven’t had time to test that. Let me know what you find.

If there is enough interest I will make a mod which enables only the pilots and not the co-pilots, for those solo flight enthusiasts who still like a bit of body presence in the game and don’t want to feel like a floating ghost.

Credits: AaronEC
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4 Responses

  1. Charlie says:

    Awesome addon. Doesn’t work with the A320X as of the latest build. All the others work fine

  2. Serena says:

    My A32NX didn’t like it at all, it makes the cockpit disapear totally….
    Other planes work fine for me.
    Could we have B787 and Cessna Longitude please ???
    Thanks, excellent mod !!!

  3. Gustavo Rodriguez says:

    i add the mod my problem is that when i set up in cockpit mode it despaired, gets transparent, and the external mode the pilot despaired and erased everything.

  4. Robert Ross says:

    When I load aircraft now I get another aircraft loaded in the same spot. I removed Working Visible pilots and the problem resolved.

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