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F/A-18 Super Warrior v1.1

Several days ago we got the first military jet for Microsoft Flight Simulator by its original developer. It’s fun but feels unfinished. Let’s give it some love and raise the level of quality!
First stage is passed – visual effects added like vortex trails, vapor cone, exhaust and aerobatics smoke.
Next will be working catapult – in cooperation with Photosbykev and 270inc we are making simple aircraft carrier with animated crew and complicated operations.
Then turn of the tailhook and arrestors – precise hook-cable collision calculation will make many of you happy (or angry).
And finally, the reason for the project name – AA radar with gun assistant – combat training simulation with accurate ballistics calculator. Can you shoot down someone? We’ll see.

How to install
Unpack asobo-aircraft-fa18e-warrior into Community folder

How to uninstall
Delete asobo-aircraft-fa18e-warrior from Community folder

Compatibility with other mods
Super Warrior replaces Super Hornet completely, so custom liveries should work fine without extra actions (Blue Angels tested successfully). However, liveries should not override model XML files or panels, as it will break mod functionality.

But remember that modded aircraft not compatible with any of official events – Landing Challenges, Races etc. If you wish to participate, remove mod from Community folder temporarely.

Sort of changes
Model XML files mostly changes, also some minor CFG updates applied. No model or textures improvements planned, but may be possible in the future.

How to adjust or disable some effects
Parameters for all custom effectes stored in \Community\asobo-aircraft-fa18e-warrior\SimObjects\Airplanes\Asobo_FA18E\model\FA18E_FX.xml file

To disable exhaust effect for example, open FA18E_FX.xml in text editor (like Notepad or Notepad++) and find EXHAUST_FAR. Below replace

(A:ENG N1 RPM:1, percent) (A:ENG N1 RPM:2, percent) + 50 >

so long trail of exhaust will never appear (most FPS consuming).

If you are familiar with XML/RPM conding you can adjust effect appearance modifiers. They are stored inside of and control the size/transparecy of the effects.

Sadly, we still have no HUMIDITY sim variable so vortices/vapor modifiers uses only temperature, precipitations level and fact of your presence inside of clouds, wich makes they appearance very inaccurate.

v1.0 features:
wingtip vortices effect (respect folded wings)
leading edge vortices effect
vapor cone (sonic barrier)
engine exhaust (affected by afterburner)
aerobatics smoke (white only, can be toggled by Nav lights hotkey or cockpit knob)
engine heat appear only on working engines
native contrails disabled
launchbar and tailhook switches activated (for future improvements)

Credits: TouchingCloud
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