London Stansted Airport (EGSS) v2.0

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London Stansted Airport (EGSS) v2.0

I am pleased to present a very detailed and accurate depiction of London Stansted Airport as it exists in 2020/2021.

Features include:
– High quality and accurate 3D models of the main terminal, satellite terminals, NATS tower, Cargo terminals (TNT, Royal Mail, FedEx), Ryanair Hangar, Diamond Hangar.
– All assets are well textured (including night lighting)
– Bespoke & highly detailed 3D models placed around each and every gate, including signage and custom baggage vehicles.
– Gates functional using the default moving ramps (Which are similar enough to the ones used at Stansted.
– Some 3D interiors (Mostly satellite terminals and in ATC tower)
– Animated vehicles throughout (baggage carts, transit system, air-side buses and terminal buses)
– Custom static aircraft – 737-800 Ryanair & Jet2
– Accurate custom ground markings, apron textures and taxi-markings are hand-placed
– Accurate taxiway naming, works with the default ATC.
– Up-to-date 2020 constructions including the new Apron E, Multi-Story car park and realistic construction site
– Hampton by Hilton and Radisson Blu hotels, and Enterprise House police station all animated in detail with animated flags
– Immersive clutter, debris and grime textures around each gate
– Placed the parking sopts from scratch to reflect real gate numbers
– Animated passenger transit system outside Main Terminal, which takes passengers to the satellite terminals
– Accurate, worn runway texturing with lifelike tire markings in the touch down zone. Unfortunately due to Asobo’s texture system, there are limitations in making the skid marks & grime go over the runway markings
– Much more accurate landscaping around the entire airport, including on runway
– Thousands of hand-placed objects from the default MSFS library, particularly around the private hangars (which are not [yet?] bespokely modelled)
– PBR & nighttime emission texturing throughout
– Complete perimeter fencing

V2 Changelog:
– Many additional markings & apron improvements
– More attractive grass finished across the airport
– Fixed runway start positions
– Fixed windsock rotation
– Fixed ground elevation particularly near Ryanair hangar
– Updated night lighting on the terminal buildings
– Updated night lighting on the hotels & police station
– Larger taxiway signs & more of them placed
– Many additional placed objects
– Improved runway tire markings
– Renamed modellib in case of potential conflicts

Areas for improvement:
– Custom modelled hangars in the private airfield to the NW of the airport
– Offer version with no static aircraft for VATSIM users
– Apparently floating terminals (only sometimes)
– Additional interior details of satellite terminals

About Stansted:
London Stansted is one of the fastest growing airports in Europe and the fourth busiest in the UK after Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester.

Stansted offers limitless possibilities for immersive aviation simulation. Primarily it is a hub for Easyjet A320 and Ryanair 737, Jet2, TUI and Titan operations, with over 200 destinations across EMEA.

The airport is also capable of handling the largest aircraft, often as cargo operations.

With addition to the main airport, the north west site of the original WW2 military airfield is now the site of private aviation companies including Harrods Aviation that handle private flights, charter flights and state visits seeing a variety of planes, which have included US Presidential visits on Air Force One and even the US space shuttle.

To install: Download and unzip into your Community folder.

Everything has been built from scratch by myself. Please do give feedback! Feel free to redistribute at your leisure, but not commercially without contacting me first.

Credits: liiiam
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