G36 Improvement Project v0.5

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G36 Improvement Project v0.5

This is the improvement project for the MSFS default G36. It all started as a simple edit of some configuration files but it has since grown into a fully-fledged modification that improves all aspects of the default G36 and introduces new features. This was made possible with the help of the community consisting of both enthusiasts and G36 pilots. (for a list of contributors, see the end of this post).

Download links are below under ‘Installation’. The main discussion on this mod is on the official MSFS forum: click here

Current features of this modification are:
Flight dynamics/performance
* (Improved in v0.5) Adjusted climb and cruise performance to match the Bonanza G36 POH charts.
* (Improved in v0.5) Adjusted flap and gear drag
* Slightly reduced pitch effect due to elevator deflection + propwash
* Slightly increased nosewheel steering angle
* Added drag due to cowl flap. This causes a 3-4 kts cruise speed loss
* (New in v0.5) Decreased yaw sensitivity by lowering deflection rate as a function of speed

* (New in v0.5) Completely overhauled engine parameters: realistic fuel flow, mixture-EGT interaction, engine performance at all pressure altitudes.
* Fixed erroneous engine efficiency increase around 2000 rpm
* Adjusted idle RPM to ~700. This prevents the unexpected shutdown of a warm engine when idle

* (New in v0.5) Electrical system overhaul:
– Completely revised electrical buses: all individual systems hooked up to the correct bus
– Bus tie logic added
– Correct voltage indications of BUS2 due to reverse current blocking diodes
– Corrected alternator load indications
– Made all indications smooth, rather than instant jumps to a new value
* (New in v0.5) Autopilot tweaks
– Fixed holding the wrong altitude at non-standard atmospheric pressures
– Max pitch and bank angles adjusted for smoother AP behaviour
– Added maximum and minimum IAS_ref speeds for FLC mode
* (New in v0.5) Integration with the Working Title G1000 mod, with customized ENGINE, LEAN and SYSTEM pages.
* Replaced/removed default annunciators
– Removed PITOT HEAT caution
– Replaced LOW VOLT caution by BUS1 VOLT LO and BUS2 VOLT LO
* Added many new annunciators based on the G36 POH:
– BUSES TIED (Advisory)
– FUEL QTY LOW (Warning/Caution)
– FUEL FLOW HI (Warning)
– OIL PRES HI/LO (Warning/Caution)
– OIL TEMP HI (Warning)
– CHT HI (Warning)
– ALT INOP (Alt 1, 2 or both, Warning)
– BUS1/2 VOLT HI (Caution)
– ALT 1/2 LOAD (Caution)
* Corrected fuel gauge indications
* Airco switch activated (Other switches WIP)

Textures & effects
* Fixed taxi, landing and strobe lights for better visibility from cockpit views
* (New in v0.5) Corrected decals (e.g. shoulder hardness -> harness)

* (New in v0.5) New interactive checklists for every stage of your flight that follow the POH

1: Download and install the Working Title G1000 v0.3 mod
2: Download and unzip the folder ‘z-bonanza-g36-improvement-project’ in your MSFS Community folder

Important note: make sure that the mod is loaded AFTER the G1000 mod. Mods are loaded in alphabetical order. The release versions therefore have ‘z-‘ at the beginning of the folder name to automatically ensure a correct loading order. For contributors: if you have installed the mod from your fork or local clone you have to manually ensure the loading order is correct.

**Our contributors**FrettFS, CaptMatto, Coppersens, Uwajimaya, dciskey, Matchrocket, JuiceBox7535, jonasbeaver, Exp232, nickc95 (please contact me if you are not in this list while you should be!)
Special thanks to kaosfere4829 from the Working Title team for the coorperation on integrating the G1000 mod!

Credits: The MSFS Community
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