P3D, Acceleration, FSX Update For Diveable I-400 Submarine

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P3D, Acceleration, FSX Update For Diveable I-400 Submarine

P3D, Acceleration, FSX update for diveable IJN submarine carrier I-400. This kind of Japanese submarine, with a length of 120 m, was the biggest submarine of WWII. For the update I replaced the not good working Tailhook command with Gear command for a correct submerging in a periscope depth of 14 m. The periscopes can be raised now stepwise with Flap command. For P3D underwater view I’ve added rudders and screws. There is no change for the other version of my package with the catapultable Aichi Seiran. Required is my addon “i400-submarinepackage.zip”. FSDS 3.5 models by Erwin Welker.

Erwin Welker
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